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Jeremy Dunn

Jeremy Dunn is a Sandpoint local with a drive to be able to help others.  “With the few places, I’ve worked over the years that has always been my motto.  I started out in retail sales where the opportunity was there to serve others.  By the time I ended my career in that, I was Manager and Outside Salesman.  While I enjoyed that, I desired to build.  I started working as a laborer for a residential construction company doing all aspects of construction. After seven years of construction work, I became a Foreman and continued to excel at my job.  In 2015, I fell two stories off a roof I was working on and ended up in the hospital having broken several areas of my body.  The doctors, due to the extent of my injuries, recommended that I leave construction and find less strenuous work.  A local Real Estate office asked me to come and work for them in 2016 and I jumped at the opportunity as it complimented my experience.  It is a fun to be able to once again do what I love and be in the position to help others through this venture.”

I am a family man also with a wife and four kids who are the best!!  Growing up here in the Sandpoint area, I have always enjoyed hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and swimming.  Knowing that my kids have that same opportunity and enjoy a lot of the same means so much to me.  Real Estate offers me the extra time to be able to share with my family.  Even though I’m always working, I can work with them.

Real Estate is a fantastic opportunity to get to know more people and build relationships.  Communication and relationship are one of the most important keys to me in this business.  To me, you’re not just another sale.  What your needs are, matter to me and with continued communication, we can see those needs met!  I look forward to meeting you and seeing where I can be of service either buying or selling.

Remember, We provide service from cabins to castles!